Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marvin and Lucinda Smith


Mae Broyles said...

Thanks to Anita Dotson for sharing the picture.

Anonymous said...

Marvin Eugene Smith and Lucinda Jane Justus were my great grandparents. I have this same photo that is printed on some kind of metal. I was told by an aunt that her grandfather Marvin made coffins, and that he kept lumber in his attic so as to be able to make his own coffin. Whether he actually did make one for himself is unknown. My ggrandmother was called Lucindy, spelled in various ways, even "Cindy or Sindy." She was a midwife, traveling around the mountainous area of her home, mostly on foot or by mule, delivering babies. Often times, I was told, she would stay with the family a day or more before the birth, accepting foodstuff or other such commodites in pay and then turning around and giving it to those in need as she made her way back home. My grandmother, Louisa Smith Justus m. Ben Justus, son of Harrison Justus and Sarah "Sally" Charles told me that her mother's midwifery tools including the drops that she placed in the newborn's eyes were buried in her front yard, meaning in my grandmother's front yard.