Friday, September 2, 2011

Lydia and Dave Broyles

Lydia and Dave Broyles lived at Lester's Fork at Hurley. They are the parents of Herman (Sonny) Broyles, Sue Broyles Dotson, and Bernice Broyles Chaney. The parents of Dave Broyles were Millard Edward Broyles and Sarah Jane Pendleton Broyles of Oakvale, WV. The parents of Lydia Broyles were James Harvey Smith and Amanda Jane Justus Smith of Lester's Fork at Hurley.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dotson Sisters

In this 1940's picture are the daughters of Arthur and Ocie Dotson of Hurley. From the left is Emma Ingram of Swords Creek, Ruby Sandhoff of Lynchburg, Reba Pedigo of Green Cove Springs, Florida, and Jewell Marrs of Hurley.

Rife Family

From the left, Lincoln, Phillip, Charles, Ed, and Harold. They are the sons of Drewey Rife and Lula Hall Rife of Hurley, VA.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charles Family Land Grants

The Crockett Family

Members of the Crockett Family are pictured in this family photo taken in 1922. Pictured are (front, left) Kopp Crockett, Ruth Davis, Frank Crockett, Ruth Crockett holding baby George. Ethel Kennedy (middle). Alpha Kennedy, Linden Crockett, Lula Preece, Edd Crockett, Clarice McClanahan, and (back) Kenneth Crockett, Alma Crockett, Dewey Crockett, Audrey Yates and Sam Crockett.

Adam Charles

This elderly man surrounded by children is Adam Charles. The little girl on hius knee is Agnes Cooper Smith. The boy on his right side is Ayers Charles. The children standing behind him are Mary Matney Justus and Delbert Davis.

Adam Charles was married to Mary Polly Justice. His parents are David Charles and Delilah Blankenship.

Edna Justus Matney

Pictured is Edna Justus Matney holding her baby brother, Hasel Justus. Also pictured are Ellis Justus and Burlin Justus. The picture was taken in 1925. They are the children of Paris and Lydia Stacy Justus.

D. A. Justus Elementary School

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jim and Mandy Smith

Amanda Justus Smith and Jim Smith are the parents of four daughters, Ann Smith Layne, Margie Smith Billiter, Ellen Smith Hackney, and Lydia Smith Broyles.

Raitt Tunnel at Roseann

Bertha Charles Justus

Bertha was married to Clayton Justus. She was the daughter of Victoria Hurley and Dave Charles. She lived in the Brushy Fork section of Hurley. Bertha and Clayton raised a family of ten children, Mildred Justus Owens, Karen Justus, Owens, Inis Justus Trent, Barbara Justus Ling, Sharon Justus Caylor, David, Ronnie, Tommy, Michael, and Stevie Justus.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hurley Men

Esra Stacy, Carl Justus, Oliver Stacy, Hayse Justus, Russell Justus

Devon Hotel

Devon Hotel at Devon, WV

David Cecil Mounts and Margaret "Peggy" Cline

David Cecil Mounts and his wife, Margaret "Peggy" Cline settled in the Tug River Area in the early 1800's, probably right after their marriage in 1809. They lived in a large hollow tree while they were building their permanent cabin. This is a picture of them standing in front of their temporary home in the early 1800's. The woman on the right is not identified.

Eli Hurley

Eli Hurley, son of Asbury and Margaret Charles Hurley

Brushy School

Zada Davis

Zada Davis, age 26, wife of Chet Davis

Chet Davis

Wolford Ladies

Angelina Stacy Wolford, Mother-in-Law - Pricey Cordelia Smith Wolford and Loretta Wolford Mode.

Cordelia was a licensed midwife and traveled by horseback or walked throught the mountains when she was called to deliver a baby.

Cordelia was married to John Wolford of Blackey and the mother of A. J. Wolford. Loretta was four years old when this photo was taken.

Pricey Cordelia Smith Wolford

Pricey Cordelia Smith, wife of John Wolford.

Dewey Crockett and Dell Lester

Big Sandy and Cumberland Railroad

Big Sandy and Cumberland train traveling towards Blackey from Rockhouse Mountain.

A. J. and Angeline Stacy Wolford

A. J. Wolford and wife, Angeline Stacy Wolford

Children, Rabon and Loretta

Importance of Given Names

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adam and Polly Justus Charles

Land Grant for Adam Charles

Adam Charles

21 August 1902

Buchanan County

80 acres on the Strait Fork of Knox Creek

of Tug River.

Grants Number 121, page 470.

New River Notes Southwest Virginia Land Grants

Ritter Lumber Company

Workers of Ritter Lumber Company, Hurley, VA in 1910. Conley Blankenship is second from the left.

Blankenship Sisters

Pictured are the daughters of Conley and Pearl Charles Blankenship of Blackey, VA. They are Goldie Blankenship Baker, Helen Blankenship Smith, Hazel Blankenship. Bottom row: Georgia Blankenship Stiltner, Cora Blankenship Looney, Vicey Blankenship King.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elizabeth "Betty" Smith

Elizabeth "Betty" Smith was married to Burt Johnson.

She is the daughter of Marvin and Lucinda Justus Smith.

Walter and Tennessee Smith

Walter Smith and Tennessee Justus Smith

Louis "Harlin" Smith

Louis Harlin Smith was photographed in the 1880's. He was married to Sarah Davis, of Hurley. He was the father of seven children. His sons were Jim Smith, Walter Smith, George Smith, and Buddy Smith. His daughters were Lourannie Smith James, Mary Smith Justus, and Matilda Smith Justus. Harlan was a brother to Marvin, Sam, Lurana, William Riley, Irene, Susana, and Armeda Smith.

Marvin and Lucinda Smith

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hurley Lumber Yard - 1920

Rock House Mountain

Harve Christian, second from right. Linco Blankenship is fourth from the right.

Hurley, VA

The church on the hill is the Regular Baptist Church at the mouth of Pounding Mill Branch. The top story was taken off around the mid or late 1940's. The lumber dock was one of three in the Hurley bottom. The Big Sandy & Cumberland Railroad ran on this side of the creek. The school building on the left is the first high school in Buchanan County. The building to the right of the school was used for classroom space and also as a building to teach young ladies the art of homemaking, sewing and quilting. Mr. Arthur Ownby was the first principal. Mrs. Maude Smith of Hurley, was one of the teachers in the school. The buildings were torn down around 1929. The Norfolk & Western Railroad began buying right-of-way up Lester's Fork in 1925, and when the track and present day railroad bridge over the highway was constructed around 1929-30, the landsape was changed completely.

Ritter Lumber Company - Hurley 1916

Roseann Side of Raitt Tunnel

Roseann - Home Creek Raitt Tunnel

Home Creek side of the Railroad Tunnel

Bill Kennedy and Earl Browning

Hurley Train Station

Worker for Ritter Lumber Company - 1930

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blankenship Ladies of Knox Creek

Hats were "in" when this photo was taken of the Blankenship women. From left, Merville Blankenship, daughter-in-law of King Blankenship. King Blankenship's daughters, Olivia Blankenship, Alpha Blankenship, Martin & Viola Blankenship Mullins.

Tom and Adeline Dotson Family

The Tom and Adeline Dotson Family gathered for this picture at their home at Hurley in the early 1930's. The couple had 11 children. Pictured are Adeline J. Dotson, Eileen D. Tester, Cecil, Lonnie, Dora D. Justus, Ruth D. Bower, Luther and James are not pictured.

Train - Roseann, VA

Hurley Flood - 2002

Ritter Lumber Company

Daughters of Jim and Amanda Smith

Daughters of James Harvey Smith and Amanda Jane Justus from Lester's Fork, Hurley. Top left - Ellen, Ann, Bottom left, Margie and Lydia. Ellen married Fred Hackney, Ann married Wilburn Layne, Margie married Walter Billiter, and Lydia married Dave Broyles.

Joe Hall

Joe Hall, an engineer for W. M. Ritter Lumber Company, posed with the train engine he operated which is in the background. This photo was taken on Lower Mill Branch in the 1920's.

Samuel M. Smyth

Simeon "Semmie" Turley Justice

David C. Mullins