Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hurley Family

The Hurley's (O'Murthuile) area a noted family of Desmond (Southern Cork) Ireland. Several members of the Hurley Family have distinguished themselves in Irish History as soldiers and political leaders.

Two are prayed to as martyrs. David Hurley, Dean of Emily, was arrested for his defense of his faith and refusal to recognize Elizabeth as Head of the Church. He died in prison in 1578; as a result of his hardships.

Dermot Hurley, (1519-1584), Archbishop of Cashel, was seized and imprisoned in Dublin Castle. To force his admission of Elizabeth as Supremacy his feet were encased in iron boots and burnt. His dauntless spirit could not be broken and finally he has hanged on St. Stephens Green in Dublin in 1584.

From the book: "Martyred Archbishop of Cashel - Dr. Dermot O'Hurley (1519-1584) by Seosamh O'Murthiule, 1935.

The Hurley Family descends from Samuel Robert and Sarah "Sally" Hurley who came to America in 1800. They were married in Rowan County, North Carolina on October 7, 1803.

In the 1860 Buchanan County US Federal Census, Sarah was living in the household of Henry and Sarah (Hurley) Elswick. Samuel was not found in the 1850 census, nor the 1860 census.