Friday, April 15, 2011

Hurley Men

Esra Stacy, Carl Justus, Oliver Stacy, Hayse Justus, Russell Justus

Devon Hotel

Devon Hotel at Devon, WV

David Cecil Mounts and Margaret "Peggy" Cline

David Cecil Mounts and his wife, Margaret "Peggy" Cline settled in the Tug River Area in the early 1800's, probably right after their marriage in 1809. They lived in a large hollow tree while they were building their permanent cabin. This is a picture of them standing in front of their temporary home in the early 1800's. The woman on the right is not identified.

Eli Hurley

Eli Hurley, son of Asbury and Margaret Charles Hurley

Brushy School

Zada Davis

Zada Davis, age 26, wife of Chet Davis

Chet Davis

Wolford Ladies

Angelina Stacy Wolford, Mother-in-Law - Pricey Cordelia Smith Wolford and Loretta Wolford Mode.

Cordelia was a licensed midwife and traveled by horseback or walked throught the mountains when she was called to deliver a baby.

Cordelia was married to John Wolford of Blackey and the mother of A. J. Wolford. Loretta was four years old when this photo was taken.

Pricey Cordelia Smith Wolford

Pricey Cordelia Smith, wife of John Wolford.

Dewey Crockett and Dell Lester

Big Sandy and Cumberland Railroad

Big Sandy and Cumberland train traveling towards Blackey from Rockhouse Mountain.

A. J. and Angeline Stacy Wolford

A. J. Wolford and wife, Angeline Stacy Wolford

Children, Rabon and Loretta

Importance of Given Names

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adam and Polly Justus Charles

Land Grant for Adam Charles

Adam Charles

21 August 1902

Buchanan County

80 acres on the Strait Fork of Knox Creek

of Tug River.

Grants Number 121, page 470.

New River Notes Southwest Virginia Land Grants

Ritter Lumber Company

Workers of Ritter Lumber Company, Hurley, VA in 1910. Conley Blankenship is second from the left.

Blankenship Sisters

Pictured are the daughters of Conley and Pearl Charles Blankenship of Blackey, VA. They are Goldie Blankenship Baker, Helen Blankenship Smith, Hazel Blankenship. Bottom row: Georgia Blankenship Stiltner, Cora Blankenship Looney, Vicey Blankenship King.