Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adam and Polly Justus Charles

Land Grant for Adam Charles

Adam Charles

21 August 1902

Buchanan County

80 acres on the Strait Fork of Knox Creek

of Tug River.

Grants Number 121, page 470.


Anonymous said...

these people are my mothers great grandparents i think

Mel said...

Hey Anonymous,
Who's your mom or what is her maiden name? The people pictured are in my line too.

J Orwig said...

They are my great grandparents. Some of their children are Pearl,McClellan(Clell)David, Caroline,and there is more.

Anonymous said...

J Orwig

Where are you located? I'm in VA.


Leisa Kundman said...

My mom's grandparents,my great grandparents. My mother is Cora Blankenship Looney.

Kay said...

Leisa, I am Leonard's sister, Kay. Bill and Kathern Stacy are our parents. I saw your sister, Kathy, a couple of weeks ago.

Leisa Kundman said...

Tootie, yeah I haven't seen her in a while. I don't get to Hurley much.