Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Remedies

Blood from a black chicken cures shingles.

Turpentine will cure a corn on your foot.

If the seventh son blows in your mouth, it will cure the thrash.

Boil whiskey, ginger, and sugar and drink it to lower a fever.

Use Vaseline salve on your eye at night to cure a sty.

Mix sulfur and lard together for itching skin.

Boil oak bark and apply it to your skin for ring worms.

Use three drops of turpentine and a tablespoon of Castor oil to cure a stomach ache.

Vinegar, soda, and sugar mixed in water will help an upset stomach.

To keep hair from turning gray, use a tonic made of olive oil, sulphur, and vinegar.

Mix lemon and honey to cure a cough.

Rub vinegar on patches of poison to stop the itch.

Rub shoe polish on poison to dry it out.

For a headache, put spruce pine into boiling water, cool, then drink.

Boil a Mullen plant, mix it with honey to be used as a cough syrup.

For sores in your mouth, boil yellow root to make a tea.

Dandelion tea or water soaked watermelon seeds will cure bladder infections.

Vinegar was used for fainting, headaches, and as an antiseptic.

Mutton tallow rubbed on the chest and covered with a hot cloth might cure bronchitis and other colds.

A freshly cut onion will remove the burn of a bee sting.

Gun powder or turpentine would draw out the poison from a snake bite.

Mr. Doug Clevinger's History Classes
Hurley High School

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