Monday, February 2, 2009

Justus/Justice Families

The majority of the 295 million people currently living in the United States are descended from European immigrants who arrived here in the past 500 years. Latin American immigrants from countries to the south, and African American people, most of whom were originally introduced as slave labor, form the next largest ethnic groups. The Native American people who were displaced by the Old World Immigrants now form only a small minority of the population. People of "American" ancestry are generally assumed to be predominately English, Scottish, or Welsh, though many are likely to be people of several different European ethnicity who are unable or unwilling to choose one. The estimate of United States citizens who are of Scotch-Irish descent is approximately 15-18 %. (This percentage was arrived at by analyzing the Federal Population Census schedules.) While some "Americans" can trace their ancestry back to a single ethnic group or population in Europe, Africa, or Asia, these are usually first or second generation Americans. Naturally, the degree of mixed heritage increases the longer one's ancestors have lived in the United States. The surname Justus/Justice was first found in Perthshire and Angus areas of Central Scotland, where they were seated from very ancient times. Some researchers say they were there long before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William of Hastings in 1066 A.D. A Henry Justus arrived in Virginia around 1700 and a Hugh Justice in Maryland in 1736. A Sarah Justice arrived in San Francisco, California around 1862. Jackson Clint Justus Sarah Ann Justus Hurley High School

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